Monday, July 13, 2009

Little red

"Little Red" 12.5x12.5 cm acrylic on canvas

Started a series of small quicker portraits, mainly just to build up my skills with painting but I've been thinking to offer them up for sale in the shop. Not sure, I'll see :-)

Nanosh and Keja

As my website isn't set up for such information, I've decided to start sharing some of my newer works on this blog and tell the stories behind each piece.
I admit, I don't often like to say too much about what an artwork is about; I feel it's really important for the viewer to work that out for themselves. Often I don't really know the stories behind the characters, it's like I know they have a tale to tell, but I just like the mystery of not knowing or something!
I love the feeling of looking at old photographs, especially of exotic looking people, and just wondering who these people were and what adventures in life they experienced and the stories they had to tell. I guess that's a feeling I would love my work to convey, and I hope it does that, or will one day :-)

(there's only a short little blurb on each piece, I'm not a particularly good writer, but hopefully that's something that can be improved by writing this blog!)

"Drabarni" 26x34cm, acrylic on wood (2009)

Keja, a gypsy 'drabarni', shaman, shape shifter, magick maker. Shunned by her people, she makes her home in the woods and the wilds, far from other folk, her only companions being the strange beasts and birds of the forests.

"Nanosh joins the band" 20x20cm, acrylic on canvas (2009)

Nanosh always wanted to join the band, but never had an instrument to play. That was until his grandfather decided to give him his favourite tuba. So today, after weeks and weeks of practising Nanosh rather nervously heads out to join the band.