Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Daily Sketch

Ok, so please excuse my previous post, I'm not usually so negative! Ah well... all good now :)

So here are a couple more daily sketches...

This one I think will become a painting...not sure :)

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Right, get ready for a bit of a rant now.... Sorry but I need to vent, lol!

Today I was thoroughly disgusted and flabbergasted! And very pissed off at myself for obviously being distracted enough to allow it to happen....
Today, right under my nose while I was at work at in.cube8r this framed original sketch of mine was stolen. Stolen!! I still can't believe it!

So this rant is for you - middle aged lady with the green headband and dark hair who came in with a younger guy with dreadlocks. You know who you are! How dare you!
Ok... so I can understand (but still not condone!) why someone would steal food, or clothing or other such things, but art? Something that someone has put time and love into creating? How could you?
I am so angry at myself for not seeing you take it down. So sneaky, especially seeing as two other customers were standing quite close to you. I saw you looking at it - I assume as soon as I turned, you slipped it off the wall and into your bag as you walked around the partition? Cow!

I'm actually very glad it was my work you stole and not someone elses, because you know what? Apart from the fact I would have felt terribly guilty for not paying enough attention and thus allowing something to be nabbed, I would have had to fork out money to pay the artist - sucks but is only fair seeing as it was my responsilibity to keep an eye on things.

I sincerely hope that this artwork gets given as a gift because I don't know if you noticed but on the back of the frame as well as the back of the sketch itself is written my name and website. So here's hoping they come to my blog and see this post and find out what sort of person you are!

So lady.... now you looked like a bit of a hippy - do you believe in karma? Do you believe in re-incarnation? Well, why don't you do a good deed, find that good person that I'm sure is still somewhere inside yourself and give the picture back - slip it back through the front door, I reckon it'll fit, or leave it outide the shop if you have to, or post it, easy! and maybe you'll save yourself re-incarnation as a cockroach! Ha!

To everyone else, I'm very sorry that you had to also put up with this rant :)