Sunday, December 2, 2012

And the weeks go by...

Well, it's been a busy few weeks...thank you to all you beautiful people who came to the "Shapeshifter" exhibition and also those who came and found me at "The End of the Line Festival" up here in Belgrave. And of course a huge giant thank you and hugs to all those who bought artwork! I couldn't get by without you :)

I thought I'd share some photos and images of the events...I'm afraid there's not many and they aren't the best, but ah well, they give you a glimpse. More can be found on my Facebook page here

"Hedge-dweller" from 'Shapeshifter'

"Mother of the Mountain" from 'Shapeshifter'

"Wood Wife" from 'Shapeshifter'

"Lost Children" and "Trickster" from 'Shapeshifter'

"Wood Witch" (centre) from 'Shapeshifter'

"Crow Mother", "Daughter of Dana" and "First Shaman"

The shapeshifters :P

And at the "End of the Line"...

My stall at the end of the line...bit of a weird set up as the wind and sun were playing havoc with us all day!

Just a small section of the market, there was lots more round the corner...and music and art exhibitions happening up and down the main street

View down to the little market stage, we had beautiful live music all day