Thursday, March 19, 2009

Shop Open!

So, I have finally gotten around to posting some items in my etsy shop. Yay! So far all that are listed are my hand-painted wooden brooches but more will come :-)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Exhibition At Gasworks Arts Park

Exhibition time again! Myself and a few friends -Rhiannon Mowat ( and Alisha Ball are holding an exhibition at the Angela Robarts-Bird Gallery down at Gasworks Arts Park in South Melbourne at the end of May. The 24th May to the 14th June to be exact :-)
We all studied illustration together and the theme is based around Storytelling so expect lots of beautiful fairytale and myth inspired work.
For me, the past year has been so full of mainly illustration work that its wonderful to finally be doing some of my own personal art for a change :-)
I'll give some more information a bit closer to the time but for now I'll just add a peek at a piece that will be in the show.

"My Dinosaur ABC"

So... There will be another little book coming out soon, maybe May? Not sure exactly when, I haven't received a copy yet so I'm pretty excited to see what it looks like!
I also don't have proper scanned images of the art yet so for now I'm just going to post an image of the cover and some rough art. I know I always enjoy seeing other artists processes so here is mine. These are basically the final roughs before I go on to the final colour art. In this case I was quite rushed unfortunately so there wasn't much time for colour roughs. I just worked it out as I went along, which is what I usually do anyway with my art, but it can make you a bit nervous. Theres only so many times you can paint over colour mistakes! Luckily it all usually works out in the end :-)