Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Artists that inspire- Fidelma Massey

"Mother of All"

"Ingredients for a sacred grove"

"Queen of Beasts"

"Tiny little Owl"

"Spirit Bird"

"The Great Egg"

I'm really trying not to post about things found in other peoples blogs but I absolutely had to mention this breathtaking artist found through a-faerietale-of-inspriration.
I admit, I've been finding it difficult to inspire myself to create some more personal work, but seeing such wonderful, otherworldly work reminds me again what it's all about.

"Working with her preferred materials; ceramic and bronze, Massey sculpts wonderfully detailed figures and creatures – the current collection includes birds and trees as well as horned guardians of medieval legend which are both strange and familiar.
Massey’s work draws not only on western sculpture but eastern and classical mythology and through the fusion of these she leads her viewer to a world beyond the confines of any tradition"

Her beautiful work can be found on her website here


  1. Hello, they're gorgeous aren't they, I saw them at 'Faerietale' as well. Just been to Terri Windling's blog, read your comment and discovered you're an Australian artist too...lovely work!

  2. I know! so stunning. Love your work too, It's fun finding other aussie artists hey?:-)