Monday, December 28, 2009

introducing Jools!

So....about a month ago, my partner and I decided to take the plunge and adopt a dog!
Whoop, whoop! SO here is our beautiful Jools! (isn't she lovely?)
She's from the Lost Dogs Home here in melbourne and (now I'm sure every dog owner says this!) but we really think she's the loveliest dog ever!
She's about 5 years old and she's a Labrardor x great dane (we think... so she's a big girl!)
She's amazing, she has the most beautiful temperament, really mellow and sweet.
And amazingly, so far, she doesn't seem to have any major issues, apart from a bit of a mistrust of older men which is a bit sad :(
So we are really very lucky. Thinking back now, we really could have thrown ourselves in the deep end a bit as she's the first dog we've both had since we were kids and she could have had all sorts of issues that we wouldn't have found out about until we bought her home. So we are very lucky in that regard. She was also quite a bit underweight when she first came to us, poor thing. It's so strange, we have no idea why or how anyone could mistreat her and dump her. It's beyond our understanding how people can be so cruel.
But she's really settled now. She LOVES other dogs! Even if they're barking at her right in her face, she still want to play, silly thing! Sooo funny! She acts like a silly puppy with the other dogs at the dog park near us.
Look at her, what a sook, she's got us wrapped around her her little paw with her big brown eyes!

Photos by Gerard Rijs. thanks Gerry!


  1. she is so so lovely. Our lab died last year and we were just heartbroken. They are truly the most loyal kind dogs EVER. I am sure she is enjoying all the extra love you are giving her and she is so lucky you saved her!

  2. We are so lucky to have her, she's made us so happy already. She's such a happy little old soul. And she's very spoilt, i assure you!

  3. She looks lovely! I think sometimes if they're had a rough life before, they are so incredibly grateful for some love. My Aunt took in a very large adult male Weimerama a few years ago, which might not have seemed a wise choice for a lady in her 60s...but he was the most gorgeous dog, so gentle and such a really could imagine him with a pipe and a smoking jacket! He was devoted to her till the day he died.

  4. Hi,
    She is a beautiful dog and looks very noble and elegant. A real lady!
    You can see in her eyes she is a gentle soul.:)
    Having a dog or a cat is truly wonderful. I have a cat and he rules our household too!;)
    Really good to visit your blog. I will surely visit you again. I am now following you.
    Best wishes to you and Jools for 2010.
    Jo May.

  5. Thanks for the comments Jo and Cristina :)
    (wow, Weimaraners are amazing Christina, jools almost looks like one!)
    Having an animal here is such an amazing thing, they really remind you to live in the moment and to do things that make you happy now. I don't think we'll ever be without a critter in our home again!