Monday, March 22, 2010

Vali Myers

Continuing the theme of Australian artists...the unique Vali Myers, another fascinating individual, who had an extraordinary life. Apparently she had a studio here in Melbourne in the Nicholas Building overlooking Swanston Street. I would have so loved to have met her, or at least seen her wandering around the city, I have a feeling she would have been a sight to behold, she definitely danced to her own drum!
Sadly she died in 2003, the year I moved to Melbourne. Ah well....


  1. Hi Nadia....yes, I so wish I could have met her too, but didn't realise she'd moved back to Australia until just after she died. Vali's studio was kept open for visitors and fans until mid 2006, but was forced to close due to financial sad...I went to Melbourne in September 2006 intending to go and see it, but I was two months too late :(

    I have just heard though, that some of her beautiful illustrated diaries are going to be published later this year, and there will be a launch at Outre's the link!

  2. ooohh that's exciting! I'll have to go!