Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Daily Sketch

Some more little fellows and missys
Tis been a while since I've been here, thanks for all the lovely comments :) I do read them all even if I am terribly slow at responding, oh dear!


  1. I love the spinning woman drawing... and the trekking bunny with staff, well, and the lovely feeling in the eyes of the horse.

  2. oh the horse.... I love the way you've set his mane, aww. More horses please!

  3. Thaaanks lovely people!
    maybe spinning woman will be a painting one day as well....not sure :)

  4. Wonderful drawings! In each one of them there's something mysterious - a sign, a symbol, a tiny detail... I like the expression of the eyes... And the threads going somewhere (but where???) from the spindle!