Friday, April 12, 2013

Trying to begin...

"May what I do flow from me like a river, no forcing and no holding back, the way it is children" 
-Rainer Maria Rilke

I've been having a strange year so far... finding it difficult to start projects, and when I finally do, it's very hard to knuckle down and get the work done and not be distracted.
But things have been ticking along, slowly, slowly.
I feel like I have turned some sort of corner at least - I've begun writing again, something I used to love when I was in high school but something that I seem to have had a huge block about since. It's like I could never get into the right mind set, but that, thankfully has now been cracked so I hope it continues...don't know if the stories are any good but at least I'm writing!
This is a very dear wish of mine - to write and illustrate my own children's books, instead of just illustrating other we shall see...
So this above is my affirmation for a while :)

I've also been very much enjoying the discussions about daily "rituals of beginning" on the Myth and Moor blog  - my daily rituals at the moment are not very conducive to creatively so it's something that must be worked on and there's much inspiration to be found on Terri's blog.

I have many plans for the next few months - I need to work on products for my online shop, ideas and illustrations for children's books to work on, commissions to start and of course, to share more thoughts on here.

For now I'll leave you with a couple of paintings I've managed to complete in the last few weeks :)

"Following the Moon Paths"

"White Star"


  1. Hello, Nadia!
    You've been passing through an important period since the beginnng of the year - it's nice to have creative heights to reach and dreams to fulfil! Maybe the time for writing again, but on a differnet level, has not come accidentally! You sound full of energy and desire to do what you have planned, so, fingers crossed!
    Your drawings are mystical and amazingly beautiful as always! Have a lovely April!:)))

    1. It seems the beginning of this year was a slow starter for me & many of my creative friends, almost as though we had an extended hibernation. Lovely to hear you feel you are now waking up and also turned a corner with your writing. Something i have in mind to try again so i hope, i keep trying to begin things but they just aren't quite ready to happen yet.

      Daily rituals are so important aren't they, I wonder if my recent lack of them was the reason why my creativity went out of kilter.

      Loving you new works, especially " following the moon paths" just beautiful, a tale in the telling there too.

    2. Hello Rossichka and Ruthie! :)
      yes, 'waking up' I like that, except I was hibernating through summer instead of winter! :P
      Thank you for your lovely thoughts and comments, it's always so lovely to hear from you. May we all have a year full of beautiful rituals, creativity and much magic! ;)

  2. oh I look forward to buying signed copies of your books when they come out Nadia! your new paintings are magic thank you for sharing what you do

    1. Thanks Mo :) So lovely meeting you at selbyfest! (I didn't win the raffle, lol! But my lovely friend Sci did!)

  3. These are beautiful! I was just admiring your work at Etsy. I love these rich colors and detail, and the addition of the animal friends/familiars. Your Traveler's Daughter is out of this world!