Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Spiderlings Book

And to start off with:
Some news I've been meaning to share for ages!

My first illustrated children's book was published last May by Brolly books Australia. Its a spooky little non-fiction fact book about spiders, written by Antonio Calabrisello. Kinda creepy to paint but lots of fun! Its available from most Australian booksellers.


  1. Hello Wayward,
    I recently purchased your Spiderlings book for myself (and my 4 year old granddaughter.) In June of 2010, my 17 year old son and I visited Melbourne, rented a car and drove along the Great Ocean Road. Marvelous! I too am an artist, creating nature jewelry and some spider related jewelry. I am linking your blog site to my web site: Thank you for creating such a wonderful book to teach both children and their parents about the magic of spiders! Marty

  2. oh dear, i really have to check the comments more...thanks Gavin and John!! the great ocean road is beautiful isn't it john?? I really want to get down there again soon too. thank you so much for your comments about spiderlings. It's so wonderful to hear from people who have bought my books :) xx