Saturday, January 23, 2010

Leonora Carrington

I hugely admire Leonora Carrington's work. But I had no idea that Leonora Carrington was still alive. She was born in 1917, and still going strong apparently, how amazing is that?! She's one of the last of the surrealists who are stil alive. What a fascinating lady she must be....
One day I will absolutely have to get myself to Mexico and see her work in the flesh (and of course Remedios Varo's as well) Some of Carrington's Sculptures are currently on public display in Mexico City - some more info here - Oh how i would love to see them!
A gorgeous Youtube video of her work here :)


  1. Ahh, I've seen pics of these sculptures somewhere before. Stunning, I especially love the top one. Amazing that she's still alive, I didn't realise either!

  2. Check out the trailer of my film which features Leo.