Saturday, January 23, 2010

Remedios Varo

"Papilla Estelar"
, 1958, oil on board 36 x 24 in.

I do love to see studies for paintings. Quite fascinating...... found here


  1. Wonderful post Nadia. I adore Remedios Varo, discovered her work in a battered book in the library at uni about 15 years ago, and fell in love. But I've never seen her sketches before, fantastic! By the way, do you know of Vali Myers? She lived back in Melbourne for the last years of her life so I guess you might well have. She's another favorite of mine, amazingly detailed, her work has lots of similarities with Varo's.

  2. I was the same, discovered Varo's work in a book in high school and fell in love.
    Someone has mentioned Vali Myers to me once before, but i couldn't remember her name so thanks for mentioning it :D
    (im orginally from Northern NSW so I wasn't yet living in Melbourne when she was still alive, it would have been amazing to see her studio, I don't think it's open any more)
    Her work's pretty incredible, and wow, she seemed like such a fascinating lady, really unique. And yes, I can really see the similarities between her work and Varo's.