Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Explorations Await!

So wow, finally back! No, I haven't been away on some fantastical adventure....unfortunately... but we have moved house which to me has been very exciting!
We finally have Internet connected after what feels like ages (I didn't realize how attached to it I was!) but here I am once more :) A big thanks to new followers who arrived in my absence, it's nice to know your out there!
We moved from Moonee Ponds to the other side of the city to Glen Iris, what a pretty name you say? Yes, I quite agree! I've never lived on this side of the city so lots to explore. We now reside in a beautiful, quiet little street with awesome dog parks and walking tracks almost at our front door. Unfortunately our dog Jools has discovered the existence of possums...oh dear... she hasn't managed to catch any, thank goodness! She's just incredibly obsessed!
And..drum roll please...I'm super loving it....I now have my very own studio! Whoop, whoop! No more working out of my bedroom or lounge room! It's just bliss let me tell you!
So I'll post some photos next post because, I don't know about you, but I love having a sneak peek into other artists spaces.
Ahhh, quite relaxed at the moment....a beautiful area, a great working space, creeks and nature for Jools and us to explore (we're even thinking of maybe getting another dog or at least helping out some poor homeless doggies by fostering. We're thinking greyhound fostering. Don't suppose anyone out there has done anything similar? If so, let me know how it went!)

For now though, here's some little critters....


  1. Hey Nadia, welcome back! Isn't it WONDERFUL having your own real studio space?! It made so much difference to me to have my own dedicated creative space. And it sounds like a wonderful neighbourhood too, I'm jealous! As for greyhounds, I have a good friend who has had 3. He's had 2 ex-racer females, who were/are absolutely lovely, beautiful natured girls, very gentle, but you do need to keep a muzzle on them when out walking, because when they run, they RUN and you don't want them taking off after the neighbour's small fluffy things! He also has a young male, who was born with a malformed eye so couldn't race...he's absolutely gorgeous but HUGE, and really hyper...and REALLY REALLY FAST! They take a lot of exercise!

  2. Congratulations on your studio!! Yipee, its a treat! And thanks for the critters.. lovely. Look forward to seeing into your creative space, yes, always love that!

  3. It would seem lots of folk are moving just now ( we did too), i hope you will be very happy in your new home and isn't it fab to have studio space. I remember having to clear all my arty stuff offf the table every night!

  4. Thanks everyone! Yep, it sooo makes a difference to your creativity hey? No more clearing up at the end of the day, yippie! lol!
    And those greyhounds sound like such gorgeous creatures christina. That's why we thought we'd like to foster greyhounds... we've heard that they're such gentle, goofy creatures but yep, sure, lots of exercise, gotcha!