Sunday, June 27, 2010

"Mouse Ink - Inspiring your creative child to dream"

So I can't believe that I haven't posted about the lovely Georgie Burg from Mouse Ink yet, gosh how hopeless I am! I've been working with Georgie for about a year now (my how time has flown) helping her out with illustrations and designs for various aspects of her business.

"Mouse Ink" is all about inspiring children to dream and create. Which is something that I believe to be sooo very important.
These days with all the distractions that technology and the modern world has to offer I believe our children are in real danger of
losing their ability to dream and be truly creative. Too much time in front of the TV or computer and not enough time left with their own imaginations!

Anyhoo, excusing my little rant ther
e... at the moment Mouse ink is focused mainly around Georgie's teaching practice - she teaches violin, music theory and orchestral education and appreciation to children aged between 4 and 12.
But part of what makes Georgie's teaching practice so unique is the teaching products she offers (check out her website here) and to quote from her website: "Through a 360 degree world rich in history, intrigue, and adventure our students stretch their imagination by learning about geography, secret societies and even time travel. Put them in touch with a fascinating past, using a combination of Master Creatures and our unique passports to help them make a journey of a lifetime".
Sounds like fun, eh? :D

But another reason why I'm posting about this now is that we are about to embark on another project together - a children's picture book! Yay! Because you see, Georgie is also a fabulous writer! So togeth
er with Brolly Books we hope to have a magical book out sometime next year....
But that's all I can say on that for now, all I know is that for the rest of the year, I'm going to be a very busy little beaver indee


  1. Hi! It was very interesting for me to read this post, because I myself work with children (my latest post is about it). I am absolutely sure that all children have strong Imagination and we, the adults, are responsible to help them keep , cultivate and use it! It will be a source of inspiration in their lives, espeially when they grow up. I've been working with different kinds of children and make no difference between their results after giving them scissors, paper, glue or puppets. Whether they are artistic or not, is another question...
    I congratulate you both for your present and future projects! You obviously make them with love and that's the most important thing when someone works with and for children!!

  2. Looks and sounds great!! Yes... what we need in the world is more kids who know how to dream. yay! Look forward to hearing/seeing more of the book as it develops. Good luck!

  3. Something I feel very strongly about, as a mother of two little's a constant battle against TV, technology and possibly the worst thing, massive advertising that targets kids no matter where they are and what they're doing, to buy buy buy plastic stuff. I hope I can give my kids a better alternative, and keep open the doors to the land of imagination and wonder! I'm going to check out Georgie's site right now!

  4. So very adorable - your little mouse :) Does he or she have a name??? Or is that to be revealed in the book next year?

  5. Thanks everyone :)
    I love that quote by Picasso "Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up"
    i think that is what it's all about - kids grow up too quick these days and maybe can lose their sense of wonder and belief too early? I don't have kids yet so I don't have first hand experience, I only have what i see and hear and that's too much facebook, mobiles and yes, christina, advertising! Erk! It just makes me wonder what the kids of today will be like when they've grown up... but having said that I know that there's a lot of incredible, talented children out there who will be just fine, lol!
    But in any case I think that as creative people our most important job is to inspire children and help bring back a belief in magic, wonder, and adventure!

    And no Renee, this particular little one doesn't have a name yet but a character in the story to come is a mouse named anna.... so lot's of cute mouse portraits to draw!