Saturday, July 9, 2011

It's been a while...whoops

So I haven't been here for a while, oh dear! I'm going to really try and get into better habits soon. I've been super busy, with lots to share, books that have been finished, an exhibition at the lovely Limerence planned but for now I'll just leave you with some little tidbits from a few projects I'm working on at the moment...


  1. Hello, hello, HELLO!!! I'm so glad you are back, Nadia! I really missed your magical drawings and the entire world of yours, inhabited by odd, beautiful, amazing personages and creatures! It's nice to hear you've been busy and still are with art projects, that you obvioulsy like!
    Mr.Mouse knows something intriging, but... won't tell!:D And maybe the other mouse's advice will help the upset owl to feel better...?
    I threw a quick glance at you facebook gallery and saw the wonderful illustrations you've made! Congartulations!!

  2. HELLO Rossichka!! hehe!I LOVE your comments, and your interpretations of my sketches. Thanks so much, it always makes me smile :D