Tuesday, November 22, 2011

journey to inaccessible places

Phew, goodness, where have the months gone?? It seems everyone is asking themselves this same question lately...i think it's a sign that we all need to slow down in our lives...hmmm

We've definitely had a hectic few months in my household, including a big house move up to the beautiful hills of Belgrave (just out of Melbourne) I adore it up here, it's so magical...but more of that in posts to come... for now I want to share something else that's been keeping me frantically busy - my mini solo exhibition at Limerence Boutique in Belgrave!
The opening night is next week -eep! - Friday the 2nd of December 6-8pm so come along if your in the area for some art, wine and nibbles (and some chrissy shopping- Limerence also stocks the most beautiful fashion and jewelery) and the exhibition will be up til sometime (I'm not entirely sure yet..) in the new year.

I've added a few tiny peeks below, I'll go in to more detail once I have the pieces all scanned and ready to go :)


  1. These look beautiful Nadia, good luck with the exhibition. And how can I resist a girl in a boat with a faithful dog...but I really, really want to know what's written along the side!!

  2. I wish I would be in the area, .... so far away. sounds like a wonderful evening and your art peeks make me want to see more and more. wishing you a wonderful event!

  3. The little dog in the stern of the boat stole my heart....

  4. Ahhh as do I Christina, as do I...hehe! thanks guys! hopefully it'll be a fun night. And there definitely seems to be a lot of dogs in my art these days, a direct result of us finding our gorgeous pooch 2 years ago :) xxx