Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Tangled Woods and Skies Above

Ahhh I've been very busy these last few months...the time has gone so quickly! But this is what I've been working on - a solo exhibition. Inspired by my trip to Scotland (oh how I wish I could have stayed there longer!) but also by stories and myths I've read over the last year or so. It's a stunning little gallery - all old worldly wooden beams and whitewashed walls.... I just hope I have enough work to fill it! :)

"Tangled Woods and Skies Above"
Solo Exhibition at Montsalvat in the Residents Gallery.
26th August to 27th September
An exhibition inspired by Story. Depicting a world of dark forests and strange earth magics, mysterious forest folk who are feared by those who travel the safe paths through the sky...
Exploring a collection of characters - forest dwellers, fey folk, sky ship travelers, nomads trading on the forest fringes and lone adventurers who brave the green depths to find a shorter path...
So come along and make a day of it and explore the stunning Montsalvat grounds (adult admission is $14) 
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It is a truly magic, old worldly place and I am so excited to be holding a show there!
I'll be sitting the gallery on sat the 29th in lieu of an opening night so come and say hello!
-I'll also be there on Sun the 13th Sep for the inaugural Arts Festival tickets are selling quick so get in there!
Hope to see some of you there! xx

Here's a selection of smaller works that will be in the show...I'll share the larger pieces later
Ancient One

A Northern Trader

The Autumn Cloak

The Soothsayer

The Green Maid
And some imagery of Montsalvat if you've never been there...magic hey? ;)
(images are from the Montsalvat website)


  1. Hello, Nadia! Your world of magic with the mysterious creatures that inhabit it is something that leaves a deep impression and provokes an interest to myths and fairytales... I can't imagine a more suitable place for your exhibition! I am sure your paintings will "fit" and feel there perfectly well! I wish you a great success (in which I don't doubt even for a second)!
    I'm just wondering what the Soothsayer would tell me, if I meet him?:) Your work is fabulous!!!

  2. oh! your new pieces are wonderful. how i would love to go to your show and see each piece. As well as to see this wonderful place, the buildings are art as well. Wishing you a wonderful show!