Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Open Studios!!

Ooh so sorry little blog! It seems I rarely post here... I promise to try harder!!
Just a quick update!
Dandenong Ranges Open Studios is happening again this year -should be a fun weekend! 
16 and 17th of April (less than 2 weeks away, eek!)
For more information please visit the website - lot's of stunning artists are involved! 
You'll find my profile page there too :)

And please follow my Facebook or Instagram for more regular updates ;)


  1. Hello, Nadia! It was lovely to hear from you, to see your studio and how beautiful you are!:)
    This post appeared unexpectedly, so I'm overjoyed with the links you gave us - there're so many new paintings of yours to enjoy! Good luck with the exhibition!:)I missed your mysterious world...

  2. so lovely to see a post from you and some glimpses at your wonderful art!
    I wish you a fabulous show!

  3. thanks ladies! should be fun! :) xx

  4. Hi. I'm so happy to have discovered your Art ! Wonderful and beautiful.