Friday, December 31, 2010

Artists that inspire -Theodor Kittelsen

Norwegian artist Theodor Severin Kittelsen (April 27, 1857 – January 21, 1914)

"" Ekko" (Echo) 1888, Oil on canvas

" Soria moria slott", 1900

"Up in the Hills a Clarion Call rings out", 1900

"Huldra forsvant" (The fairy that disappeared)

" Hakkespett" (Woodpecker), 1912


  1. I particularly like the 'fairy that disappeared' it has a very ethereal quality to it; many thanks for introducing me to an artist who's work I've not come across before :-)

  2. How many talented people lived and live in this world! I like the mystical atmosphere in his paintings. The fog, the twilight... The lonely people, just to emphasize the grandeur of Nature! Oh, and that woman with the long... fanfare? What is she playing about???? And why there?

  3. Beautiful paintings! I like them all ! Every paint has something magic! Well, the one with the 'fairy disappeared' is wonderful!!
    Thank you for sharing!