Sunday, December 26, 2010

A new year, a new journey

I hope that your Christmas time, Yule time, Winter time or Summer time holy days are being filled with love and family, mysteries and magic...

And where ever you are in the world I wish you the most blessed new year.
I hope it's full of new journeys and new discoveries, new rivers to travel, new mountains to climb, new skies to fly.
But I also hope we all can learn to live without regret. Of the things we haven't done or achieved this past year or the places we haven't visited, and learn to live in this moment now. Forget the stresses of future or the past and find the joy of the present.
And spend time with those we love, because that's the most important thing.
:) xxx


  1. This is the most wonderful, emotional and wise season's Greeting I've read since a long, long time ! I will write it down on a beautiful sheet of paper and hang it somewhere in the house, so that we could read it in hard and happy moments! Thank you, Nadia! Be healthy, loved and happy in the way you feel and need it! xx

  2. I hope the boat with this magical rabbit on board will take me to the shores I will desire or have to reach during the New Year. He knows so much that I'll feel safe and sound with him...:)

  3. lovely and whimsical. Do you like shaun tan. He too takes his artwork on a journey.

    greetings from newcastle Oz