Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Shop update!

These little guys have just been listed for sale in the shop !
They are all little original sketches, unique one-of-a-kinds, ready to fly off to loving homes :)

"Norbu of the Inner City"
chief musician to the Queen...

little king of the underworld...

the mysterious woman of the desert land...

and finally little "Mimba of the Outerwoods"


  1. I adore your pictures!! They lead me to weird, mystical worlds. You should illustrate fantasy novels, Nadia... Have you ever had such an opportunity? If I have to choose one of the sketches (a difficult choice!), that would be "Mimba of the Outerwoods". All of your characters keep secrets and know things we don't even suppose.

  2. Thanks so much Rossichka! You always write such beautiful comments! I would love to do more fantasy work haven't had much of an opportunity yet, but I'm currently working on a kids book that has more of a magical theme, talking mice and such things, which I'm really enjoying.
    And Mimba's my fav too :D

  3. Oh, yes, I remember you wrote once about that book. There's nothing better than working with pleasure! I hope you'll post more information (and some of the illutrations perhaps?) when the book is ready.:) Have a nice weekend!