Friday, May 4, 2012

Glimpses from an exhibition

So, I have a lot to catch up with but first up I want to give a big fat hug to Cj and Brent of Limerence boutique for making my exhibition over December and January such a great success, thanks guys!!
I also want to say a huge thank you to all you beautiful people who bought works from the exhibition - you are wonderful, wonderful people! thank you!
Over the next few posts I'm going to share some of the work from the show. Some of these works will be (hopefully soon!) available as lovely limited edition giclee prints- when that happens I'll let you know.
I didn't get nearly as much completed as I originally planned, but the works filled up the space beautifully which is the main thing. I'm currently planning and painting another exhibition to include all those not finished in time!

"Voyage to Sky Mountain"

"The stopping place"

"To the sea we go"


  1. Hello, Nadia!
    I'm so glad to hear some news about you! The exhibition was a successful experience and that's the most important thing! I don't wonder why people bought your paintings... I would wonder if they didn't.:))It's such a pleasure to sink again into your magical world, full of lovely, vigorous colours and that odd scent of adventure, dream, myth and reality...
    I like especially the mermaid in the waves!

    Have a nice May!:0)
    P.S. I missed your posts from the end of the year, because just then I was in... Kenya! If you are interested, you could have a look here -

  2. each one is incredibly wonderful! so full of life and charm, magic and beauty. so fine to see what you have been painting.