Friday, May 4, 2012

The start of my year shall begin in May!

Well....where have the last few months gone....? Oh dear, again I am saying that! But no more! I'm making May the start of my year. No more floating around wishy-washy like, I'm getting orgainised and getting things done, yay!
I think part of my problem lately has been the lack of deadlines. I've been having a little break from illustrating lately to focus more on my personal work, and I must say, I've definitely had trouble focusing. I never realised before how a deadline really gets me working! Ahh hopeless and ridiculous am I!

Anyhoo, I've many things to share in the coming little while - finished books, a painted harp, exhibition paintings, phew, the list goes on...hmmm I guess I have been busy after all!

For now, here's a painting from a few years back but one that I've only recently gotten around to having scanned, about time I think :)

                                                   "The gift of Time to the Red King" 2009

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