Saturday, May 12, 2012

into the hills and around a corner

We visited the Alfred Nicholas Gardens this morning (can't believe that it's only 5mins drive away!)
A must see if your ever up in this area. My photos really don't convey the strange beauty of the place - I find it a rather beautiful but silently spooky place, the gardens are so vast and whenever we've been there rather empty of people and for some reason I find the giant vacant art-deco mansion that shares the land really quite disturbing... but really, probably just because it's so huge and so very empty at the moment.

lovely, lovely gates
the famous, much photographed boat house

down at the lake area

a section of spooky, empty Burnham Beeches- designed for the very wealthy Alfred Nicholas (1881 - 1937) 

The front of the house in 1947, pic from here
tiny ponds near the house - love that red

we went for a little 'off-track' walk - how spooky is this water pump house! such a gremlin habitat!

ok, this was actually how she was sitting for a few minutes, looks so comfy...??

Fun had by all, love the fact that it's dog friendly place :)

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