Saturday, May 12, 2012

More from the journey

More from the exhibition -sketchy this time... except for the first two, these are all quite small, postcard size.

"Spirit of Song and Fire"


"A seafaring spirit"


"Far from Home"

"Field dweller"

"Flower child"

"Keep going"


"Out of the dusk"

"River child"



"Spirits of earth and sky"

"To the emperor's Ball"

"To the green wood"

"Tree spirit"


  1. What an incredible exhibit this must have been! I was awed with your last post about it, now these. The delicacy of your line is beautiful. I'm particularly taken wit "keep Going" and "Spirits of Earth and Sky". Lovely.

    1. Thanks Valerianna! I adore seeing what you've been up to too, your studio is looking amazing! xx

  2. Hi !! :o)) WoW....what can i tell about your art....i LOooooove your magical paintings and sketches !!!!! Amazing....soooo beautiful !!!!!!! I will add your blog in my blog list on the side bar cause it is wonderful !!!!
    WOW !! Kisses :o)

    1. Awwww thanks sweetie! how awesome is your chain-mail jewelery??!! xx

  3. what a wonderful collection of art. each piece draws me into your magical realm. thank you for sharing these pieces with us.

  4. Dear Nadia, your paintings are magnificent! Weird and wise... Tender and dreamy... What colours, pure lines and softness... Though I'm not sure that I understand all the symbols you've drawn, their impact on me is so strong. Like a magic!
    My favourite one is "Keep going"!!!

    1. Thanks so much Rossichka! That one's my favourite too :)
      And as for the symbols...well, I'm not always sure what they mean either... i think they like to remain mysterious! xx